Louisa Parris Scarfs

Our latest summer must-have: A Louisa Parris scarf. The London-born and -educated fashion designer’s second scarf collection is airy, large-scale, intensely colourful and deliciously Art Deco.

The names of the scarves — Bay, Clipper, Noe — relate to her second residence in San Francisco’s Noe Valley where she has lived for the past five years, enjoying the coastal light and the slower pace of life and relative silence compared to the buzz of London.

Back now in London permanently, she continues to design evening wear and scarves in her bold, understated style. Parris comes to illustration, fashion and design not just by education and inspiration, but also by blood. She’s the daughter of a retail designer father and her illustrator mother, Cherrill Parris-Fox, created the promotional illustrations for her first scarf and hat collection in 2011. – Tuija Seipell

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