Ladurée Quai des Bergues, Geneva, Switzerland

The French luxury bakery Ladurée was founded in Paris in 1862 by Louis Ernest Ladurée.

Today, the name is synonymous with the double-decker macaroon of which Ladurée stores around the world sell more than 15,000 per day. The brand now includes five segments from macaroons and chocolates to beauty, bath and body products.


Paris-based designer India Mahdavi has recently completed an entire Ladurée environment in the Four Seasons Hotel at the Quai des Bergues in Geneva in the hotel building that can trace its history back to 1834.


The patisserie, restaurant and tea room have a delicately appointed ambiance with their slightly faded hues of cold pink and moss green.


The checkered floor and white accents anchor the spaces and help them avoid the pitfalls of overly prissy and fussy. The round shape repeats itself in the furniture, lighting and corners echoing the softness and roundness of the macaroon. Tuija Seipell.



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