Christmas Window digital backdrop

Christmas Window digital backdrop image 1
Christmas Window digital backdrop image 2
Christmas Window digital backdrop image 3
Christmas Window digital backdrop image 4
Christmas Window digital backdrop image 5
Christmas Window digital backdrop image 6

This digital background is intended for photographers and/or personal use to Photoshop their subjects into.

*Composite knowledge required*

The most asked for photo for Christmas!

This listing is for the Christmas Santa over the moon Window Digital Backdrop, 2 similar backdrops (lighter and darker) also 5 png's should you wish to take a photo of a different Window but need the tree, moon, etc to add to it.
The png's include a moon, a Santa flying as in the image, and also a shadow Santa flying png and trees. Also, a PSD so you can slide in your own background.

I took the example image of the children in the day to achieve the light on their faces and brought down the exposure in edit except their faces to achieve the look I have in the example image where the moonlight shines on faces. I also increased my blue hue slightly to match the blue lighting.

Just cut and paste your subject to sit or stand in the window or half body to look like they are standing on the floor. Knowledge of cut and paste needed.

Not got a window to use? Simplify it by photographing the child on a plain backdrop facing the backdrop with your light behind and above the backdrop to left or right preferably darker colour backdrop for simple edit then add them using the cut and paste method. You can make this fun with a peek-a-boo game.

children not included, just to show as an example only.

No refunds on digital images.

These images are copyright protected. In short, they may not be gifted or resold "as is" or with minimal changes. They are intended to be used as a background in digital images with Photoshop manipulation.

You will need a software program that supports files such as photoshop and you need some ‘layer' knowledge.

*pls note these are digital and no physical products are sent, also these are not intended for very large wall mural's or party backdrops, they are intended for editing and providing prints for clients, friends, Christmas cards, etc*

Use as often as you like

YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO USE PHOTOSHOP OR A SIMILAR EDITING PROGRAM AS THERE ARE NO INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED. It can be provided to your photography clients after you insert your subject, but it cannot be resold as a background in whole or in part.

You must have a working knowledge of Photoshop/similar programs to use this image. There are no included instructions.

This image must be altered by you before you can share it. This means you cannot post it without your subject included. You cannot post a blank version with just your watermark. You MUST include your subject ANY time you post. This protects my image from being stolen.

Enjoy and Thank You!

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