Black and white artistic nude fine art photo print female model hi structure nude art MATURE – Pieghe – 05

Black and white artistic nude fine art photo print female image 1

In this new series, "pieghe" or folds, are the central theme. The folds of the sheets, the ones of the pose of the model and her curvy body, the ones that lights and shadows create, all come together in delivering an intense black and white artistic nude. Classic in it's appearance, but yet far from the smooth lines of studio works. The natural soft light from the window, the bed, all bring to a classy yet "real" image, that with its strong texture and black and white contrast will make a beautiful addition to the collection of any nude Art lover.

The price listed is for size 8x12in/20x30cm on luster paper. If you prefer glossy just note me in the order or send me a conversation. Enlargements are also available at a different price.

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