Design for Planet

The Climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our lifetime and design has a critical role to play.

We need to re-design nearly every aspect of how we live our lives. Design shapes the world. So designers have huge power, and with power comes responsibility.
We aim to galvanise and support the 1.97 million people working in the UK’s design economy to help address the climate crisis and achieve net zero and beyond, making design regenerative and not extractive.

Where is Design for Planet needed most?

Designing products and services that make it easy for everyone to live more sustainably.

Designing sustainable and resilient places with communities.

Designing a circular economy which regenerates natural resources.

Design for Planet provides a platform for visionaries, designers, business, government and communities who are leading the way in climate action.

Our goal is to provide support for everyone to make the planet a key stakeholder in everything we do.

We need to accelerate the speed with which we make design part of the solution, acknowledging that it has been a big part of the problem.

BDF 23 Venessa Scott (Public Artist) at after panel drinks at BDF CREDIT Thom Bartley

“If you’re not designing for planet, what planet are you on?” 

 Kate Raworth, economist and author of Doughnut Economics

of the environmental impact of products is determined at the design stage

European Commission, 2012

of carbon is emitted by the construction industry

UK Green Building Council

of required reduction in global greenhouse gases needs to come from everyday products

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

of cost-effective climate change mitigation can come from nature-based solutions

Capitals Coalition