Six employers across Lambeth and Southwark are to take part in a brand new innovation programme to improve their employe

Six employers across Lambeth and Southwark are to take part in a brand new innovation programme to improve their employees’ health and wellbeing.

The two-year Employer Health Innovation Fund programme – run by Design Council and Impact on Urban Health – aims to help employers trial new ways to support the health of staff living with long-term health conditions.

The programme encourages employers to think beyond traditional health and wellbeing interventions. Participants will work with Design Council’s trained innovators through 2021. Together they will take forward their bright ideas to create a healthier, happier and safer workplace. As part of the programme, employers will receive a share of £1 million to develop their intervention and inspire others to adopt new approaches to protecting the health and wellbeing of employees.

The programme participants are:

· Transport for London (TfL)

· TfL and Bus Operators (Abellio, Arriva, Go Ahead London, HTC, Metroline, RATP Dev, Stagecoach, Sullivan Buses, Tower Transit, Uno Buses)

· James Glancy Design

· XeroE

· Excellerate Cleaning Services

· Southside Rehabilitation Association

· Station to Station Business Improvement District

New interventions will focus on a range of outcomes – from improving financial wellbeing, and adapting working environments, to enabling better physical or mental health in the workplace. Programme participants will explore, and respond to, key issues that affect to employee health and wellbeing – such as pay, working hours and patterns, and sick pay.

Cat Drew, Chief Design Officer at Design Council, said: “We are hugely impressed by the ideas presented by our programme participants, and can’t wait to get started. There are so many benefits to investing in the health and wellbeing of employees. Not only does it make for a happier, safer, healthier workforce – it also leads to better business outcomes. Increased productivity, improved retention rates and reduced sickness, are just some of the benefits that employers get in return. I look forward to sharing their progress and inspiring others employers across the UK.”

Rohan Martyres, Programme Director at Impact on Urban Health said: “The circumstances of people’s work, income and finances impact significantly on their health – for good or bad. Because of this, we’re proud to partner with the Design Council and work with employers across our home in the London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark to find new ways to improve the health and wellbeing of staff at risk.”

Design Council and Impact on Urban Health will be sharing updates throughout the course of this two-year programme.

To find out more about the Employer Health Innovation Fund then please contact or call 020 7420 5264.

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