Summer Meadow ~ Digital background

Summer Meadow  Digital background image 1
Summer Meadow  Digital background image 2
Summer Meadow  Digital background image 3

*Products marked as {Premium} are NOT intended for use in FREE EDITING groups found on Facebook and/or other social media platforms without first purchasing special licensing to do so. If interested in purchasing a license please contact us to discuss details.

*If a product is not marked {premium} in the description and you would like to use it in one of these groups, please contact us prior to doing so, so we can discuss with you our rules for using our products in that manner.

*Subject(s) NOT INCLUDED. The first image is for example purposes only.

*Not all products in our shop are standard image sizes. Please check the size before purchasing our product to make sure it will work for you.

These backgrounds are intended for photographers to use as fun options for their photography clients.

You MUST have a working knowledge of editing programs such as Photoshop to use this product.

* Because of the digital nature of this product ALL SALES ARE FINAL *

Purchasers of this product must have written consent from Something Like Life Photography & Design if they are intending to use the product within a 100-mile radius of Myrtle Beach, SC for anything other than personal use.

When purchasing this product you are granted a "LIMITED USAGE LICENSE"

This license allows you to:

– Create digital art and composite imagery for personal use.

– Create digital art and composite imagery for your photography clients as long as they do not intend on using the finished product for commercial purposes.

– Upload to any social media platforms in an altered state showing your finished creation.

– Make prints for personal use

– Make prints for your photography clients as long as your client does not plan on using the prints for commercial purposes.

This license DOES NOT:

– Allow any paid or unpaid advertisements by the purchaser or by a third party using this product

– Grant the purchaser the right to resell this product or to give this product away to a third party except to their photography clients.

– Grant the purchaser the right to create derivative works and to sell or give away those works to a third party unless that third party is a photography client.

– Allow any commercial uses for this product.

– Allow you to offer free editing services using our product without prior consent

– Transfer this license to a third party

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